Interesting blog where we can find information related to Codevelopment Social Network in order to develop the african continent through sustainable tourism based on web 2.0.


Hi sustainable communities

Hello to everyone!!

This is the first blog that I start so please be kind!! The idea of setting this space in Internet has come about form friends and work colleges who are using these spaces/areas to publish their articles or views on different issues and comment on them and give feedback.

My motivation is the growing need to develop sustainable conscious in the world we live today. With this blog I will try to make my little contribution to this issue. I believe that the way to achieve sustainable development starts by creating an attitude on the people who live on earth.

Every day we become more aware of the problems and the growing differences in the different parts of the world. We must understand that in order to survive individually we must ensure the sustainability of the whole community.

This is just my introductory commentary, I will try to upload articles and my views on sustainability issues, some of the topics will include Social Responsibility, sustainable tourism, renewable energies or eco efficiency among others…