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Cooperate: John Sterling – Conservation Alliance

In this seminar of the Adventure Travel World Summit held in Scotland we had the opportunity to listen to John Sterling of The Conservation Alliance. (http://www.conservationalliance.com/)

John has spent the past 17 years in the conservation field, and has been involved with The Conservation Alliance since 1996. The Conservation Alliance is a group of 170 outdoor industry companies that work together to protect threatened wild places throughout North America.

Outdoor Business is giving back to the outdoors: Business shares, produce of a year.

We will look at two events with 30 year difference.

In 1989, The Conservation Alliance was co-founded, by Patagonia, REI, The North Face and Kelty, to encourage other companies in the outdoor industry to give money to environmental organizations and to become more involved in environmental work

The 4 major companies came together to protect their habitats, the wild places.

In the US NGO are very important in looking for funds and making companies contribution to environmental or conservation issues.

In 2009, Obama signed 2 million acres of US as a conservative measure.

This came about after the project designed by the conservation alliance in collaboration with many private companies and local people. Individuals and companies have collaborated in this initiative, looking for areas worth protecting and the conservation alliance has been looking for the funding and putting pressure on the administration resulting in the signed by president Obama, showing the strength in numbers.

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