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The importance of the virtual social networks for sustainable tourism

On friday 25th of July, I had the pleasure to attend a conference on the beautiful island of La Palma in the Canary Islands. This conference had the main aim to promote and inform the local touristic businesses of the changing patterns in the visitors and tourist in general. In this event I had the opportunity to meet some famous bloggers such as Tirso Maldonado who spoke about this changing patterns and the opportunities that internet technologies could give touristic destinations which are isolated such as La Palma. Other interesting speakers such as Lasse Rouhiainen expert in video promotion via the internet or experts in marketing 2.0. such as Joantxo Llantada among others.
The issues that were brought up in this conference have made me set up this space in the internet to express myself and put forward issues that I believe are interesting and should be brought up to the communities where we live. In the new context where social communities become everyday spaces where people inform and select their holidays by analyzing comments and views of the consumers in different locations, we must understand that is necessary to make a different offer to attract customers.
I have included this issue to the blog as I believe that the use of social networks via the internet can be a great powering engine to promote sustainable tourism on areas which were believed to be remote or had difficulties to promote themselves. It is understood that internet provides the possibility to develop a specific product targeted to a relatively small group of tourist making it accessible to all via the globalized internet network.
If we use these networks correctly any business can promote at global level with little economic input. The rules of the game have changed and tourist looks for something different when choosing a location for their holidays. This type of networks can promote and spread the word around of your sustainable business!!


2 thoughts on “The importance of the virtual social networks for sustainable tourism

  1. Dear Roy,

    Congratulations for your blog and the purpose you seek publishing it. Thank you very much for you kind words about the event of La Palma. If there is a place were social tools like those developed by web 2.0 could be useful is no doubt in sustainability and in the Canary Islands there is a lot of room for that.

    It is just a matter of coaching, a big deal of will and work to get the communities interested in web 2.0 tools. But guest what?, it’s worth a while.

    Let me know how I could help you. Yours faithfully,

    Joantxo Llantada

  2. Thank you Joantxo,
    Know that you are the first comment that I receive in my Blog!

    I told you during this conference that I was working on a project to develop this kind of social networks and applying the Web 2.0 technologies into mobile telephones. At the moment we have presented the project to various aid programs at European level but I think this project will work very good in the island of La Palma. I wanted to get in contact with the responsible people in the administration of La Palma in order to present the project for their discussion. I would appreciate any information or contacts on this issues.

    Once again thank u for the comment and for all the ideas that where presented in this conference.

    Roy Ortiz

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